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Red Earth Spa - Viktoria


Massage Therapist

Where did you get your start? Over 10 years ago, with an interest in travel, I eventually came to Canada where I studied and graduated from Japanese Shiatsu and Acupuncture School. In 2016, I graduated Massage Therapy at MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy in Calgary.
For fun: I practice and teach the Japanese art of calligraphy known as “Shodo.”

“My belief in Shiatsu and Massage Therapy to help heal the bodies and relax the minds of people who are coping with injuries, discomfort, and stress in their lives is what continues to drive my passion.” 

Red Earth Spa - Viktoria


Massage Therapist

Where did you get your start? I was raised in Canmore and love the mountains and the lifestyle, so it was natural to attend massage school in Calgary.
How long: I have been in massage for 11 years and at the Red Earth Spa for over 7 years now
For Fun: Skiing in the mountains


“If I wasn’t massaging, I would love to have a bake shop or to work with rescued animals”

Red Earth Spa - ChiungYi


Massage Therapist

Career: Has been in the field of wellness and health since 2013
Where did you get your start: I started working in the field of wellness and health  in Taiwan.  In 2016 I started traveling and working in Australia. I went to Thailand to learn Thai massage. I continue to learn new massage techniques.
For fun:
I am going to try snowboarding in Banff

‘I decided to follow my heart, do what I wanted to do for so many years. I love this job. I like the calming atmosphere during massage.’


Red Earth Spa - Viktoria


Massage Therapist

When did you get your start? My inspiration and passion for Massage Therapy began in 2007 at the Vancouver School of Bodywork & Massage.  
For fun: I have spent many years upgrading my practice by studying and embodying new approaches to health and wellness, through Myofascial Release to Restorative Yoga & Bodywork, breathwork, dance and movement practices as well as the powerful use of Sound Therapy.

“I love being part of a team of Wellness Practitioners at Red Earth Spa as I know we get to be one of the best memories from your visit to Banff! It brings me great joy to be part of an industry that focuses on nourishing and enriching one’s well-being.”

Red Earth Spa - Viktoria



Where did you get your start? I was born and raised in Montreal and graduated from Concordia University.
How Long: After Graduating from school I decided to take a month off and work in the Rockies… Twenty years later I am still loving my life here in the Bow Valley
For Fun: Hike up Sulphur Mountain

“I am blessed with a great career at the Red Earth Spa where I have worked for 11 years.  I love meeting people from all over the world and connecting with locals as well.  Please come and treat yourself at Red Earth Spa.”

Red Earth Spa - Viktoria



Where did you get your start? I graduated from Seneca College in 2009 studying asthetics for 2 years and then graduated from The Salon and Spa Career College in 2011 where I obtained my Medical Esthetics Diploma

For Fun: I recommend kyaking or canoeing Moraine Lake. There’s no better place to be than this place of heaven on Earth

“Leading a holistic lifestyle myself, I go above and beyond for each client by developing a home care plan catered to each individuals needs and want including diet, products and referrals if needed.”

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